Bunny Boots,  Mickey Mouse Boots, Mukluks, Arctic Mittens, Winter Gloves SHIPPING FREE! Free Shipping, U.S.A., from hometown  Cold Regions Test Center, Alaska. Our winters hit - 60F. We put Mickey Mouse boots & bunny boots to the test. We use bunny boots, mickey mouse boots military, and mittens ourselves and know the particulars of each military surplus item. Our military surplus store inventory includes: Bata bunny boots, bunny Boots, extreme cold weather clothing and gear, mittens, wool gloves, mittens, socks, and blankets, military surplus tools, bags and packs of all sizes, extreme cold weather sleeping bags, army surplus gortex sleeping bag covers, camping gear, and lots more hard to find items. We are authorized Husqvarna dealers. Ask about our combined order discounts.  Discounts are availible in situations where we can fit multiple items in the box shipped to you. Inquire: (907) 803-0772.

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